Injured at work by a nail gun?

As a construction worker, you are used to working with a certain level of danger every time that you step onto the construction site. And it’s true that you have chosen an occupation that is fraught with more danger than those working most other industries face. One particular hazard are the nail guns that construction…


Claiming workers’ compensation as a construction worker

Construction workers are some of the most at-risk employees when it comes to workplace injuries. Working on construction sites means that there are many different hazards present, and, sadly, many construction workers are seriously injured each year. The good news is that workers’ compensation is in place to help construction workers get financial compensation after…


Is your fall harness actually set up to protect you?

A fall at work can be deadly, even if it’s only from a few feet. For those working at significant heights — think two stories and above — a fall is almost guaranteed to result in catastrophic injuries, if not death. Workers have many ways they can combat this risk, of course. They need proper…


Construction site communication tips

Many construction accidents happen because of a lack of communication or due to miscommunication on the job. Workers face risks that they could all avoid if they just had a better communication strategy. For instance, imagine that you asked a coworker to set up a ladder and secure it on the top and bottom because…


Trench collapses often fatal for laborers

One of the deadliest accidents on construction sites are trench collapses. They can happen quickly and with little warning to alert those workers down inside the excavation. They become trapped and often die before rescue crews can get them to the surface. To remain safer on the job when working in and around trenches, it…


Roofers face more hazards than just falling

If someone asked you what the No. 1 danger for roofers was, would you quickly say that it was falling from the roof to the ground below? It feels obvious. It’s a clear risk and it’s the reason that those who don’t have a stomach for heights can’t do this job in the first place….

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