ACL injuries can be painful and disabling

We hear about professional athletes suffering knee injuries all the time. These can occur when undue stress is placed on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) which connects the upper and lower parts of the leg. When the knee is twisted or bends too much, the ligament can stretch or partially tear. In severe cases, the…


Colorado construction worker dies after beam strikes him

Construction work can be some of the most dangerous. Workers in this industry face numerous hazards as they sometimes scale tall heights, work with electricity, must maneuver around heavy equipment and be on the lookout for falling objects. A recent workplace tragedy in nearby Fort Collins exemplifies the latter category: construction workers being struck by…


Denver’s ‘Blue Mustang’ and construction deaths

The rearing Blue Mustang – a 32-foot-high fiberglass sculpture that has guarded Denver International Airport for the last decade – has gained notoriety not just for its glowing neon red eyes and locally-dubbed nickname of “Blucifer.” It actually killed its creator Luis Jimenez. The renowned and, sometimes, controversial sculptor essentially died in a workplace accident…


Preventing Backover Accidents

Backover accidents: They don’t happen very frequently, but when they do, they often result in death or serious injuries. A backover accident happens when a vehicle that is going in reverse hits a person who is standing, walking, or kneeling behind the vehicle. Construction workers are most susceptible to backover accidents, but they can happen…


Crushing injuries, dashed hopes

Some jobs inevitably put you between one solid object and another. When this happens you may suffer injury by crushing. Crushing or compression injuries are a horrific class of injuries that can happen in a number of ways: You may be caught between two vehicles. A vehicle can tip over onto you. A vehicle can…


Construction worker settled for $3.8M in lift collapse

Workers can’t sue their employers. But third parties are fair game. A New York construction worker survived a 45-foot fall but suffered disabling injuries when lift equipment failed during a church ceiling restoration project. He recently reached a settlement for $3.8 million against the church for major injuries to his ankles, spine, head and hand….

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