It’s that time again: Black Friday! Dangerous for retail workers?

If you work in the retail industry, you are well aware of Black Friday. This day traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With so many deals and door busters, people often map out their shopping strategy, taking into account the other holiday shoppers they are sure to run into. But for retail…


Worker crushed by rebar load dies at hospital

When a worker suffers a serious injury at a job site, such as a crush injury, there is typically an investigation to look into the cause of the accident. These types of investigations can take weeks and even months. Often the first concern is whether the area is safe for workers to return to work….


As rebuilding begins after flood, risk of worker injury could rise

At least 17 counties have been affected by the Colorado flooding. More than 2,000 homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been applying for federal aid. As officials continue to respond to the devastation, the Governor has selected a Chief Recovery Officer to make sure that restoration and rebuilding stays on schedule. The…


Colorado DOT still investigating cause of construction accident

As we mentioned in an earlier post, an increase in the number of construction jobs in Colorado could mean an increase in construction site-related injuries. Before the weather cools, road construction continues across the state. But road construction can be dangerous for both drivers and workers. Recently, a construction worker was nearly crushed by a…


Booming construction industry could mean increased site injuries

In an uncertain economy, the news of more jobs being created can be great news. For Coloradans, as more people are building homes, more construction jobs become available. In fact, in the past year, nearly 9,000 construction-related jobs were created throughout the state. But with more construction workers onsite, there is a greater risk of…


Might truckers’ work injuries be prevented by smarter trucks?

Although many people in Colorado might be nervous to drive near big tractor-trailer trucks, thinking that they might get severely injured if they were involved in a truck accident, many truckers are also at risk of serious injuries in an accident. It may be easy to assume that most truck accidents are caused by negligent…

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