Teenager’s arm crushed, amputated following meat grinder accident

The laws and regulations that protect Colorado employees are sometimes different based on the worker’s age. For example, there are certain things that anyone under 18 cannot do at work, such as the prohibition under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s Hazardous Occupations Order No. 10 which limits anyone under 18 from using, interacting with or…


Elevator mechanic crushed to death by elevator counterweight

The family of a 63-year-old elevator mechanic is in mourning after it was reported that he was crushed to death while working on an elevator. While the loss of any family member is difficult, it is particularly difficult to know that someone died in a work-related accident, as employers are required to protect their employees…


Highway construction worker crushed by paving machine

Whenever Denver construction workers are working near heavy machinery, there is the possibility that they will become injured. Most jobs, however, have considerable safety equipment and procedures in place so as to prevent these types of injuries. But, on occasion, a Colorado construction worker will be seriously injured when something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, injured…


Worker Dies After Being Crushed by Heavy Equipment

Working with heavy equipment can be extremely dangerous. No worker is entirely free from risk of harm, no matter how experienced or well-trained they may be. Sometimes accidents can be caused by negligent co-workers or poor safety oversight from management. In other cases, equipment may simply malfunction and give rise to an accident that causes…


Aurora employee sustains serious crush injuries in accident

Aurora, Colorado, was the scene of a horrific workplace accident recently. According to ABC7 News, a construction worker was building a retaining wall when the prefabricated concrete slab fell on him. The man is recovering in the hospital, but it is unclear what his condition is. As he takes time to recover and until he…


Worker killed after getting crushed by skid loader

At a work site, there are many things happening at the same time. Workers may be operating equipment while others are on the ground, digging or laying down foundation. Depending on the work environment, employees can be at risk of sustaining an injury. But some injuries can be more severe than others. For example, if…

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