Beware of these construction site dangers in Colorado

Of the numerous dangers that are common on construction sites in Colorado, there are four that OSHA considers the most fatal. These are extreme temperatures, handling materials manually, loud noises and contaminated air. The hierarchy of controls One major hazard is simply not being aware that these dangers exist. Preparedness and cautionary measures are two…


Preventing workplace injuries

When an employee suffers an injury at a Colorado jobsite, the victim’s life could become challenging. Undergoing medical procedures and rehabilitation, combined with the downtime from work, might lead to enormous stress. While workers’ compensation benefits may help financially, workers would of course prefer to avoid getting hurt. Taking steps to reduce workplace injuries could…


Dangerous jobs and workers’ comp

Some workers put themselves in dangerous situations routinely. Not every profession has the same risk level; some are more treacherous than others. Workers involved in particular industries may need to be careful to avoid injuries. Filing for workers’ compensation could be an option if they get hurt at their Colorado job. Most dangerous jobs It…


Common machine shop hazards that cause serious injuries

Many businesses in Colorado involving physical work and power tools have implicit hazards. Machine shop workers have more to worry about than those in other industries regarding serious injuries when they operate equipment incorrectly or without proper training. Machine shop injuries can lead to disabilities Equipment that can cut through metal, wood and plastic can…


OSHA’s fatal four in Colorado workplaces

A recent report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that an average of 12 work-related injuries occur every day in Colorado and the rest of the country. Most of these fatalities result from four main hazards that OSHA refers to as the “fatal four.” Falls Falls remain the number one cause of…


What are the most common workplace injuries for office workers?

Most people think of workplace injuries affecting workers on construction sites and in other dangerous settings. However, even those who work in Colorado offices can suffer on-the-job injuries. Office workplace injuries are preventable Although many workers in offices suffer job-related injuries, many of them are preventable. It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all hazards…

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